Friday, June 29, 2012

'Grrls, others on challenge in ICC trial of mass rape

Can the International Criminal Court sustain a conviction for the underlying crime of mass rape without testimony from victims?
This question – labeled "The Mass Rape Issue" – is currently addressed on the Human Rights & International Criminal Law Forum. Included are expert opinions from 3 IntLawGrrls contributors – Kelly Askin (Open Society Justice Initiative), Ruth Wedgwood (Johns Hopkins University) and yours truly, Anne-Marie de Brouwer (Tilburg University) – along with Catharine MacKinnon, Michigan Law Professor and ICC Gender Advisor, and Northwestern Sociology & Law Professor John Hagan.
According to the Forum's website:
'This Forum is run by Dr. Richard H. Steinberg of the Sanela Diana Jenkins Human Rights Project at UCLA School of Law with the support of the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court. The purpose of the Forum is to allow members of the legal community, governments, academics, and others to debate complex issues of international criminal law faced by the Office of the Prosecutor in the course of its work at the ICC. Membership and participation in this Forum are open to everyone. We welcome you to express your opinion, and we request a civil debate which directly addresses the legal issue set forth in the current question....
'The Forum will deal with one substantive legal issue at a time in the form of a question – we anticipate addressing five questions a year. The questions are developed jointly by the ICC OTP and UCLA Law. Some of the world’s preeminent legal experts on the issue raised by the questions will be invited to give their opinions. The relevant decisions of the Prosecutor or the Judges of the ICC will also be included. Those opinions, in turn, provide a strong foundation for further online discussion.'

You can participate in the discussion by going to the Forum’s website here.

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