Sunday, June 10, 2012

It's a Great Wall.

MUTIANYU, China – Advice to acrophobes on climbing the Great Wall:
Climb it.
That is, steer clear of the amusement-park means of going to and from this UNESCO World Heritage site and its base. The stairs will get you the 900-meter distance (shorter than an American football field) in not much time at all. (It's a bit of a secret on site, as tourists are steered to the fee-charging concessions.) The steps are to be found on a newly made stone pathway with ample resting spots and lots of shade. If you're at all fit you’ll hardly know you’re walking up, and for acrophobes at least, that's something that can’t be said about the long, slow chair-lift over a deep gorge.
However you make it up there, it's well worth the effort – at top, it’s both peaceful and exhilarating.
To borrow a 1972 line by President Richard M. Nixon, “It sure is a Great Wall.”

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