Sunday, July 15, 2012

On July 15

May Craig, left, interviews unnamed servicemember (credit)
On this day in ...
... 1975, noted American journalist May Craig died in Silver Spring, Maryland. About 85 years earlier, in Coosaw, South Carolina, she'd been born Elisabeth May Adams. As a girl she moved to Washington, D.C.; she studied nursing at George Washington University. In 1924, Craig -- by then a married woman in her mid-30s -- began writing for Gannett newspapers in Maine. A women's suffrage activist before passage of the 19th Amendment, as a journalist she "took on leadership roles within both the Women's National Press Club and Eleanor Roosevelt's Press Conference Association, both organisations supporting women in journalism." She was posted in the European theater during World War II, writing 1sthand about London bombings, the liberation of Paris, and other events. Craig was the 1st woman journalist on a battleship at sea, and the 1st woman to fly over the North Pole. (A 1966 oral history interview of Craig is here.) She was noted for her more than 200 appearances on "Meet the Press." A notable quote by her points to her frustration at being left out of some news stories on account of her sex:
'When I die, there will be the word "facilities," so often it has been used to prevent me from doing what men reporters could do.'

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