Friday, September 14, 2012

On September 14

On this day in ..
... 1882 (130 years ago today), Winnifred Sprague Mason was born in Chicago. Her father, William Mason, was a member of Congress noted for his support of labor rights and his pacifist stance during World War II. Upon his death in 1922 his daughter, who had worked as his secretary and was known as Winnifred Huck (left) after marriage, was elected to serve out his term,   but she lost her bid to be elected in her own right. (photo credit) Huck was the 3d woman to serve as a Member of Congress. Though her term lasted only 14 weeks, she spoke out:
'Her most noteworthy address as a House Member was delivered on January 16, 1923, when she appealed to her colleagues to support a constitutional amendment to hold a direct popular vote for future United States’ involvement in any war requiring the armed forces to be sent overseas. Determined to demonstrate the lack of necessity for war, Huck declared, "In a country where the people control the government there is no opportunity for a war to originate."'

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