Friday, October 5, 2012

On October 5

On this day in ...
(credit for AP photo)
... 1947 (65 years ago today), Americans, or at least those relatively few with access to a television set, watched the 1st-ever telecast from the White House (right). Featured was President Harry S. Truman, who urged Americans not to eat meat on Tuesdays, nor eggs nor poultry on Wednesdays, as a means to reduce demand and so lower prices on those food products. In the same broadcast, Secretary of State George Marshall, whose efforts to rebuild the economy of Europe would become known as the Marshall Plan during the post-World War II years, declared,  according to The New York Times,
'that the American larder was the "vital" instrument of peace and called on the people to "tighten our belts, clean our plates and push ourselves away from the table" to relieve the hungry of Europe.'

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