Founded in 2007 by Diane Marie Amann, an editor along with Kathleen A. Doty and Jaya Ramji-Nogales, we at IntLawGrrls have welcomed more than 300 women as contributors – judges, professors in law and other disciplines, law students, prosecutors and defenders, advocates at nongovernmental and intergovernmental organizations, and filmmakers – plus several men, as our very special guests. Below, each of our contributors is pictured and listed, with links, first to the contributor's profile and then to all posts by or about the contributor:

Very Special Guests

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon (all posts)
International Criminal Court Judge Hans-Peter Kaul (all posts)
Professor José E. Alvarez (all posts)
Professor Mark Drumbl (all posts)


Briana Abrams (all posts)
Afra Afsharipour (all posts)
Aziza Ahmed (all posts)
Diane Marie Amann (founder & editor) (all posts)
Katrina Anderson (all posts)
Rachel J. Anderson (all posts)
Penelope Andrews (all posts)
Caitlyn Antrim (all posts)
Cecile Aptel (all posts)
Alessandra Arcuri (all posts)
Elizabeth Ashamu (all posts)
Kelly Askin (all posts)
Bernadette Atuahene (all posts)
Janet Austin (all posts)
Regina Austin (all posts)
Julie Ayling (all posts)

Sandra L. Babcock (all posts)
Cecilia Marcela Bailliet (all posts)
Betsy Baker (all posts)
Susan A. Bandes (all posts)
Kate Barth (all posts)
Sari Bashi (all posts)
Felice Batlan (all posts)
Elena Baylis (all posts)
Christine Bell (all posts)
Jeannine Bell (all posts)
Karima Bennoune (all posts)
Fatou Bensouda (all posts)
Ursula Bentele (all posts)
Nadia Bernaz (all posts)
Rosa Castro Bernieri (all posts)
Caroline Bettinger-López (all posts)
Andrea K. Bjorklund (all posts)
Sadie Blanchard (all posts)
Laurie Blank (all posts)
Lisa S. Blatt (all posts)
Carolyn Patty Blum (all posts)
Johanna E. Bond (all posts)
Rebecca Bratspies (all posts)
Karen E. Bravo (all posts)
Christen Broecker (all posts)
Rosa Brooks (all posts)
Elizabeth Burleson (all posts)
Mira Burri (all posts)
Doris Buss (all posts)
Hannah Buxbaum (all posts)
Cindy Galway Buys (all posts)

Naomi Cahn (all posts)
Fatou Kiné Camara (all posts)
Liz Campbell (all posts)
Linda Carter (all posts)
Julia Chamberlin (all posts)
Aparna Chandra (all posts)
Louise Chappell (all posts)
Amber Charles (all posts)
Hilary Charlesworth (all posts)
Christine Chinkin (all posts)
Sandra Ha Kon Chu (all posts)
Janie Chuang (all posts)
Ioana Cismas (all posts)
Janine Clark (all posts)
Kathleen Clark (all posts)
Kamari Maxine Clarke (all posts)
Hilde Coffé (all posts)
Rebecca Richman Cohen (all posts)
Nancy Amoury Combs (all posts)
Mary I. Coombs (all posts)
Emily Crawford (all posts)
Vivian Grosswald Curran (all posts)

Dorinda G. Dallmeyer (all posts)
Erin Daly (all posts)
Tess Davis (all posts)
Colin Dayan (all posts)
Anne-Marie de Brouwer (all posts)
Gráinne de Búrca (all posts)
Margaret deGuzman (all posts)
Connie de la Vega (all posts)
Mireille Delmas-Marty (all posts)
Fiona de Londras (all posts)
Deborah W. Denno (all posts)
Myriam Denov (all posts)
Estelle Derclaye (all posts)
Ruthanne Deutsch (all posts)
Claire Moore Dickerson (all posts)
Laura Dickinson (all posts)
Anna Dolidze (all posts)
Kathleen A. Doty (editor) (all posts)
Mary L. Dudziak (all posts)
Angela Duger (all posts)
Yvonne Dutton (all posts)

Jennifer Easterday (all posts)
Alice Edwards (all posts)
Christie Edwards (all posts)
Máiréad Enright (all posts)
Valerie Epps (all posts)
Noura Erakat (all posts)
Daphne Eviatar (all posts)
Andrea Ewart (all posts)

Megan Fairlie (all posts)
Stephanie Farrior (all posts)
Natalie Bridgeman Fields (all posts)
Marjorie Florestal (all posts)

Felice Gaer (all posts)
Jean Galbraith (all posts)
Anne Gallagher (all posts)
Noemi Gal-Or (all posts)
Annie Gell (all posts)
Jing Geng (all posts)
Kate Gibson (all posts)
Chiara Giorgetti (all posts)
Jill Goldenziel (all posts)
Heather Goodman (all posts)
Michele Bratcher Goodwin (all posts)
Lynsay Gott (all posts)
Rosemary Grey (all posts)
Nienke Grossman (all posts)
Audrey Guinchard (all posts)
Nino Guruli (all posts)
CarrieLyn Donigan Guymon (all posts)

Lisa Hajjar (all posts)
Monica Hakimi (all posts)
Mary Hansel (all posts)
Alexandra Harrington (all posts)
Lindsay M. Harris (all posts)
Leslie Haskell (all posts)
Dina Francesca Haynes (all posts)
Anne Heindel (all posts)
Lynne Henderson (all posts)
Elizabeth L. Hillman (all posts)
Jacqueline Hodgson (all posts)
Toni Holness (all posts)
Sarah Houlihan (all posts)
Amy Hsieh (all posts)
Jennifer Huang (all posts)
Alexandra Huneeus (all posts)
Deena Hurwitz (all posts)
Kristine A. Huskey (all posts)
Saira Hussain (all posts)

Brigid Inder (all posts)
Joanna Cuevas Ingram (all posts)

Neha Jain (all posts)
Kate Jastram (all posts)
Alli Jernow (all posts)
Dawn Johnsen (all posts)
Shayla Johnson (all posts)
Patricia Y. Jones (all posts)
Courtney Jung (all posts)

Jihan A. Kahssay (all posts)
Sophie Kaiser (all posts)
Sital Kalantry (all posts)
Marilyn J. Kaman (all posts)
Machiko Kanetake (all posts)
Maya Karwande (all posts)
Mallika Kaur (all posts)
Chimène Keitner (all posts)
Linda M. Keller (all posts)
Sara Kendall (all posts)
Elise Keppler (all posts)
Elizabeth B. Ludwin King (all posts)
Megan Knize (all posts)
Sari Kouvo (all posts)
Jennifer Kreder (all posts)
Charlotte Ku (all posts)

Catherine Lanctot (all posts)
Molly Land (all posts)
Lisa Laplante (all posts)
Michelle Leighton (all posts)
Janine Lespérance (all posts)
Hope Lewis (all posts)
Maggie Lewis (all posts)
Peggy Li (all posts)
Jennifer Lind (all posts)
Suzannah Linton (all posts)
Paulette Lloyd (all posts)
Hallie Ludsin (all posts)
Deepali Lugani (all posts)

Vanessa MacDonnell (all posts)
Linda A. Malone (all posts)
Rita Maran (all posts)
Carmen Márquez Carrasco (all posts)
Olga Martín-Ortega (all posts)
Jenny S. Martinez (all posts)
Jane McAdam (all posts)
Yvonne McDermott (all posts)
Gay McDougall (all posts)
Mariah McGill (all posts)
Clare McGlynn (all posts)
Margaret E. McGuinness (all posts)
Lauren McIntosh (all posts)
Pamela Merchant (all posts)
Bonita Meyersfeld (all posts)
Chi Mgbako (all posts)
Saira Mohamed (all posts)
Jennifer Moore (all posts)
Siobhán Mullaly (all posts)
Clíodhna Murphy (all posts)

Luz Estella Nagle (all posts)
Fionnuala Ní Aoláin (all posts)
Lydie Apori Nkansah (all posts)
Naomi Norberg (all posts)

Michelle Oberman (all posts)
Patricia O'Brien (all posts)
Katie O'Byrne (all posts)
Christiana Ochoa (all posts)
Mary Ellen O'Connell (all posts)
Aoife O'Donoghue (all posts)
Laura M. Olson (all posts)
Valerie Oosterveld (all posts)
Diane Orentlicher (all posts)
Anne Orford (all posts)
Kate Orlovsky (all posts)
Catherine O'Rourke (all posts)
Stephanie Ortoleva (all posts)
Hari M. Osofsky (all posts)

Sarah Paoletti (all posts)
Mona Paré (all posts)
Cymie Payne (all posts)
Elaine Pearson (all posts)
Zoe Pearson (all posts)
Phuong Pham (all posts)
Nicole Phillips (all posts)
Aparna Polavarapu (all posts)
Deborah Popowski (all posts)
Shannon Powers (all posts)
Lisa R. Pruitt (all posts)

Noëlle Quénivet (all posts)

Jaya Ramji-Nogales (editor) (all posts)
Lucy Reed (all posts)
Lisa Reinsberg (all posts)
L. Song Richardson (all posts)
Susan Harris Rimmer (all posts)
Mónica Roa (all posts)
Kathy Roberts (all posts)
Ruthann Robson (all posts)
Catherine Rogers (all posts)
Sarah Rogerson (all posts)
Naomi Roht-Arriaza (all posts)
Katherine Romero (all posts)
Yaël Ronen (all posts)
Cecily Rose (all posts)
Sheri Rosenberg (all posts)
Jacqueline Ross (all posts)
Hélène Ruiz Fabri (all posts)
Deborah Ruiz Verduzco (all posts)

Susana SáCouto (all posts)
Leila Nadya Sadat (all posts)
Elizabeth Santalla (all posts)
Evelyne Schmid (all posts)
Kim Thuy Seelinger (all posts)
Amy Senier (all posts)
Amanda Sherwood (all posts)
Beth A. Simmons (all posts)
Savina Sirik (all posts)
Cindy Soohoo (all posts)
Anna Spain (all posts)
Pam Spees (all posts)
Jane B. Sprott (all posts)
Barbara Stark (all posts)
Sarah Stephens (all posts)
Milena Sterio (all posts)
Margaret Stock (all posts)
Jayne Stoyles (all posts)
Staci Strobl (all posts)
Madhavi Sunder (all posts)
M.C. Sungaila (all posts)
Olivia Swaak-Goldman (all posts)
Mia Swart (all posts)

Shana Tabak (all posts)
Vivian Tan (all posts)
Nina Tavakoli (all posts)
Anastasia Telesetsky (all posts)
Irene Ten Cate (all posts)
Laurel Terry (all posts)
Sarah Thomas (all posts)
Tracy A. Thomas (all posts)
Susan Tiefenbrun (all posts)
Jessica Tillipman (all posts)
Kellie Toole (all posts)
Jennifer Trahan (all posts)
Elizabeth Trujillo (all posts)
Jenia Iontcheva Turner (all posts)

Anne van Aaken (all posts)
Larissa van den Herik (all posts)
Beth Van Schaack (editor emerita) (all posts)
Monika Kalra Varma (all posts)
Roxana Vatanparast (all posts)
Julie Veroff (all posts)
Yael Vias (all posts)

Beatriz Carta Wagman (all posts)
Patricia M. Wald (all posts)
Ruth Wedgwood (all posts)
Kelly Wegel (all posts)
Judith Weingarten (all posts)
Johanna Westeson (all posts)
Sue Westwood (all posts)
Lesley Wexler (all posts)
Annecoos Wiersema (all posts)
Stephanie Williams (all posts)
Jocelyn Wolf (all posts)
Rebecca Wright (all posts)
Shelley Wright (all posts)
Ingrid Wuerth (all posts)

Pamela Yates (all posts)
Keina Yoshida (all posts)
Rebecca Young (all posts)

Margaret Zimmerman (all posts)